28 March, 2017

When is it “necessary” to visit a psychologist?

When we find that “something is wrong” in our daily lives, we begin the process to fix it.
But many times while we are trying for a solution to the problem, we ultimately end up with no improvement. On the contrary we find ourselves at an impasse.

We have tried to bring the desired change with the help of people close to us, as well as with our own selves, but in the end this kind of help is not enough. At this point, the professional help of a psychologist may be useful in helping us gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of a situation that we consider problematic or even hopeless. This way, we can discern choices in situations that, until that moment, we thought we did not have..

Do we need a psychologist, while we have friends? There is often the belief that friendship can substitute or complement psychotherapy. This is indeed the case in some instances, but not in others. Usually, a long time passes before someone decides to turn to a specialist. During this time they seek advice from the people of the nearby environment. When someone has a problem, it is very healthy to look for solutions with the people who are close to them. But if this help is not enough, professional help may be useful. Most times friends do not know how to make in the traps in which you have fallen, or you have created for yourself. A therapist has the knowledge so you can work on your problems together.

Only those who are “mentally disturbed” or “sick” visit a psychologist?
Psychotherapy is a useful tool that can help everyone, because it is an exploration of the inner world. Like when you know your body your health is better, the same happens with psychotherapy respectively. It is similar to examining your body and thereby making your health better. Psychotherapy is an auxiliary tool for psychosomatic integration and for the improvement of interpersonal contacts, as it facilitates the conversation with our own selves. Psychotherapy is not only for the sick but for anyone interested in introspection. Besides, mental completeness does not come from the outside in, but from the inside out.

How often does one need psychotherapy? The frequency of the meetings is arranged upon consultation with the therapist. The normal frequency is once a week and the meeting lasts one hour. The therapist together with the treated define a common time and day in the week to have their meetings.

When does the treatment end? Whenever the clients themselves consider that their request for therapy has been fulfilled. Psychotherapy is a personal process that has to do with what happens between the therapist and the treated. Truth is that there is no default or preset path. We start with a basic direction: For the treated to feel better in the here and now. Neither the therapist nor the treated know what the path is in advance. And this path is a joint decision by both sides. Generally, the duration is associated with the request for treatment. This means that it may be a short term treatment or a long one.