28 March, 2017

The science of Psychology

It is the talk about the soul, namely a system of thought, study and research which concerns what happens in the psychic space, and also the texture and substance of it.

Aristotle characterizes psychology as the most beautiful, valuable and essential knowledge, because it leads to the understanding of truth in general. But it is knowledge hard to acquire, because the essence of the soul is difficult to interpret.

It is an academic and applied science that deals with the scientific study of thought and behaviour of the people in principle (although it extended to the study of animal behaviour, primates’ in particular, both with an independent objective, and compared to people) and the functions of the body, associated with the behaviour and mental health in general..

Mental Health is the state of emotional well-being, where the person can live and work with comfort in the community and is satisfied by their personal characteristics and achievements.

Mental health is part of the individual’s general health and is a function of various factors related to the physical, mental and social condition of the individual.