28 March, 2017

The Psychologist’s role

Psychologists deal with the study and research of human behaviour and mental organising, from normal to pathological. They explore topics such as perception, cognition, attention, emotion, phenomenology, motivation, brain function, personality, behaviour, and interpersonal relationships.

They provide psychological assessment, examination and treatment of mental health problems or communication and relations problems. They use “therapy through verbal communication” and the treatment is based on the change of thought and behaviour patterns, as those found in cases of depression and anxiety, without the use of medication.

A psychologist and a psychiatrist are often confused as having the same meaning. Psychiatrists have completed their studies in medicine and prescribe drugs. Psychologists have completed university studies in the department of psychology and the process that follows is the healing of the soul through speech (psycho- logist, from the root of legein “to speak”). Then psychologists specialise in a specific psychotherapeutic approach, in order to acquire the quality of a psychotherapist as well.