18 April, 2016

Online Psychotherapy

Online psychotherapy and counseling is a widely recognized and perfectly acceptable intervention of therapeutic character. It is widespread, particularly in all European countries, and with spectacular results, from an also wide range of research that has taken place throughout Europe.

It aims to provide high quality services of psychological nature to people who are unable or unwilling to waste their time and money on means of transport, people who have kinetic issues, or they live in remote areas.. In cases of exceptional nature, when there is a matter of life and health of physical level, an immediate solution needs to be given. Such incidents may be some intense phobias, panic attacks, depressive disorders, incidents where the possibility of moving is scarce up to minimal. The online psychological support in such cases can be a completely life-saving solution.

In an online session issues may be brought up related to stress, limits, changes in diet and mood, family relationships, interpersonal relationships, divorces, autonomy, targeted way of life etc. Online psychotherapy is not indicated for people who have severe crisis issues from various psychological disorders.

Skype is a programme which is free of charge and allows calls free of charge, which can come from different parts of the world. Skype is very easy and quick to install. Just download it, register, and within minutes you can connect through the computer that you use. Some of the advantages of this programme are its very good sound quality, image definition and high security. You can download Skype for free on your computer simply by visiting the website: http://www.skype.com.
Consequently, we will contact to determine the time and day for the session appointment.