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ΔΙΚΑΙΟΣΥΝΗ! Δε σου είπα ότι ζήτησα τη δικαιοσύνη μαθητευόμενη της οδύνης στα απάτητα μονοπάτια της Aμφιλύκης στα σάβανα μιας αλλοτινής πορείας τούτη την εποχή του σπαραγμού . Βαρύ σύννεφο έντυσε από μακριά τα άπονα χέρια που έσπειραν λαβωματιές σ ‘ όλο το κορμί τινάζοντας σπίθες πάνω από τη σιωπηλή πόλη ως αγγελτήριο θανάτου του ολέθρου. Read more about ΔΙΚΑΙΟΣΥΝΗ![…]

Anxiety? The response of the body.

In general, we can say that psychological stress or psychological pressure includes the negative cognitive and emotional situations that arise when a person feels that the demands placed on them exceed their ability to cope.. Psychological stress occurs when the person perceives an event as threatening and feels depressed, powerless and helpless. The tension increases Read more about Anxiety? The response of the body.[…]

Self-esteem: The “God” we have within us

The love for ourselves has nothing to do with the unhealthy narcissism. The appreciation, love and acceptance of ourselves seems to be the basis of mental balance, but also of the individual’s ability to make and maintain satisfactory interpersonal relationships. Yet, this love for ourselves has nothing to do neither with the unhealthy narcissism nor Read more about Self-esteem: The “God” we have within us[…]