3 February, 2020

Life coaching and Sailing


Do you feel you want something different? Do you want to change important things in your life and  move forward?

You see it and you know it, but you feel you stuck in the same place…. You feel you need a little “push” to make this first step…

Life coaching changes lives;  it can change yours, too!

Explore yourself!

Explore new destinations and their best kept secrets!

Explore history!

Have fun and relax!

Feel comfortable  with yourself!

You will be selling towards  your life and  Ionian Sea

It has been scientifically proven that nature makes us happier and more positive cultivating a deeper social connection with those around us. In just a short time of contact with the natural  environment the heart rate slows down, muscles start to relax as well as  areas of the brain involved in decision making and emotions. The fragrances and scents of nature, trees and flowers on the  shore enhance both our immune system and mental health.

The sea has miraculous effects on our health. Its vastness has always concealed healing properties, as sea water is a  stimulating, renewing, revitalizing and protecting life-force. Salty water, the sand, sun, and sea breeze are not only synonyms of rest, but they offer innumerable beneficial properties to the body from a holistic point of view.

The sea knows how to heal. Water is an element of our existence and our reconnection with it makes us feel our own nature, our inner strength. When we dive in, we search for its treasures. The exploration of its bottom fills us with  a feeling of completeness and serenity, reminding us that excitement and joy are hidden in the simple and precious things  withnin in our own sea, in the abyss of our soul, waiting to be discovered.

Cruising with catamaran sailboat suitable for extended stays aboard, may be not the classical sailing sport but it promotes, along with holidays at sea, teamwork and social relationships  respect and cooperation, responsibility and the  development of skills, ,  experiences  that creat  self-esteem and confidence.

The sailling  holiday 

The sailling  holiday itself, the enchanting cruise in the clear waters  surrouding  the Ionian Islands, the healing power of the coast  side, the sight and charm of the coastside and generally the wonderful natural environment and the focus  on of the moment mindfulness, , are all transformative life enperiences, valuable gifts that travelers carry back along with their  luggage.


Through group coexistence in conditions of exceptional beauty and leisure, the good aspects of the character emerge, and parts of oneself unford   to become as transparent as the blue  waters that surround the boat promoting healing and well-being.

The team of persons involeved in daily life on the comfortable and luxurious boat, interacts and communicates, develops cooperation, responsibility,  skills builds friendships, but above all, enjoys the moment.

By visiting and staying in the truly  historical place of Ithaca, this 7-day cruise also offers nummerous   opportunities to approach Homer’s Odyssey as a personal journey of self-knowledge as the Odyssey is the song of honor, our longing and pain  to return  our Source.

All of the above will be interesting topics for discussion and analysis, food for thought and an opening to new horizons, and  life changing  experiences that will be enjoyed by the exquisite travelers along with the recreational of a cosmopolitan seaside holidays.


The Life Coaching strategy resembles the  sailing strategy more than originally thought.  Sailing is all about dealing with circumstances, and in coaching we’re driven  to rise above  our circumstances.  In sailing you have to deal with the wind, waves, and weather; all of which are completely out of your control.  So how do you navigate?

Only few people really know where they’re going.  In fact nine times out of ten people aren’t clear about what their top goal is; at least not really clear.  And if you aren’t clear about what you want to achieve, you are  like  ship that never makes it to the  port.  You need to know what results you want before you start developing a coaching strategy and set sail.


A Coaching Strategy or a Sailing Strategy Is Your Key to Success:

What do you do if the wind is blowing from the opposite direction?  If you are moving north, but the wind is blowing south, you’ll definitely go south if you don’t have a clear  goal.  But if you have the skills you can still get to your destination even with the wind going against you.  You can’t go straight into the wind, but you can use the forces that seem to be pushing against you in your favor.  In sailing this strategy is called tacking.

In coaching if you are clear about your goals, you will find the suitable coaching strategies.  You can decide not to let your circumstances affect you.  You will be influencing your outcomes and decide what you can do.  It all starts with your goal, your vision, and your purpose.  Don’t give up the first time the wind blows  against your face.  And remember, it’s best to surround yourself with others who have experience.




Do you like sailing, adventure, and new  out of the box experiences?

Join us  and spend a lovely sailing holiday with us! It is going to be a life -changing experience!

7 days group sailing trips  on the magnificent South Ionian Sea

We are looking  forward to meeting you!

Anastasia Varsamopoulou and colleagues